What is the background to this research and design study?

Make Shift has been commissioned by East Wick & Sweetwater and LLDC to explore local needs and propose ideas for a potential temporary development in the East Wick and Sweetwater development area at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The study will research the needs of local residents, workers and businesses, and explore the potential of the site to answer demand for a variety of workspace, employment, cultural and community uses.


What is the purpose of the project?

A core focus of the work will be exploring how a development could create a range of new workspaces to support local SMEs and independent workers in a number of industries.

Alongside workspace, the work will identify opportunities for cultural, events and community spaces to be delivered on the site.It is hoped that the interim uses scheme could provide a seedbed for businesses, social, recreational and community activities to be grown and nurtured into the planned permanent neighbourhoods

The study is part of the strategy to support local employment, enterprise and new exciting public spaces in and around Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and the Hackney Wick area.


When will final designs be ready?

At this stage, the work is exploratory, and a decision about the future of the site in question will be made once the project is complete. The project will conclude in January 2018, when Make Shift will provide a final set of proposed designs, a community research report and a business plan to demonstrate viability of the proposed site.

East Wick & Sweetwater and LLDC will then assess the results of this project, and together with Make Shift will determine whether or not to progress into delivery of this temporary development.

If the project goes ahead, when will the site open?

Should the proposed scheme go ahead, the new timeframes mean it would be built next year, with a potential opening date in Autumn of 2018.

When and how can people apply for space/membership at the site?

Any applications for spaces and memberships of the project would be likely to open over the summer of next year.

Who is working on the study?

The study is being managed by Make Shift. We are working with two architecture firms, Carl Turner Architects and Jan Kattein Architects, who are collaborating to develop design ideas and are supporting us in further research, community engagement and consultation events.

This project team is working closely with East Wick & Sweetwater and LLDC, who have jointly funded the project. 


Who are Make Shift?

Make Shift is creative design and development organisation that transforms underused urban space to unlock opportunities for local people and independent businesses. We are a small team of entrepreneurs and designers. We only work on projects that we think can have a major positive impact in their local area.

Make Shift is best known for its first project, Pop Brixton, which transformed an empty plot of land in South London into a new destination and workspace hub for 55 independent businesses. We are now working on our second project, Peckham Levels, which is due to open in September this year.


What is Clarnico Quay?

Clarnico Quay is a temporarily vacant site adjacent to the Copper Box Arena at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. It is located immediately across the River Lee Navigation from Hackney Wick station.

The 6,110 sqm site is part of the long term development plans at East Wick & Sweetwater, and may be made available for temporary activation, ahead of its long term development in around 5 years.


How is the study being funded?

This Feasibility Study has been jointly funded by East Wick & Sweetwater and the LLDC.

East Wick & Sweetwater and LLDC have launched and funded this Community Consultation and Design Feasibility Study in order to explore new enterprise and employment opportunities at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, and continue their work to create new jobs in the local area.

Should the project move forward to full development, Make Shift will be responsible for financing the project delivery and managing its on-going operation.

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